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Marketing Manager

Full Time
A month ago
60,000 per year

As Stepscan Customer Marketing Manager, you’ll be marketing to our existing customers to push them to use our platform better. You’ll help us execute on our mission of empowering wineries to create customer centric shopping experiences, by educating our customers on industry, platform, and integration best practices. You’ll create and manage an online academy our clients can use to learn the best ways to utilize our products, will host webinars and in person events to talk through new platform opportunities, and will create campaigns to find customers who aren’t using the platform to the best of its ability and to encourage them to do so.

In this role you will:

  • Work strategically to understand and define industry, platform, and integration best practices our customers should be utilizing.
  • Host and run webinars to showcase best practices, new features, and new integrations to our customers.
  • Create video and written training content.
  • Create, launch, and report on the success of various campaigns focused on encouraging customers to implement best practices.

To be successful in this role, you must:

  • Have strong language and written communication skills so that you can clearly communicate with and create content for our customers.
  • Be organized, efficient, and able to manage and coordinate events and campaigns.
  • Be confident and capable of owning a campaign from start to finish.
  • Be comfortable and engaging speaking on video.
  • Be proficient in content management software and video recording and editing software.
Sales and Marketing